About Us

We see you, Chicago. 

We see you making the walk on Clark Street before first pitch at 1:20 p.m. 

We see you in those small clubs supporting your best friends as they take their first steps in fulfilling their dreams.

We see you under the El tracks in the Loop putting in the hours. On the Metra coming into the city to find adventure and discover something about yourself. Sitting in traffic from any and all directions on the expressways.

We see you on the Red Line backing the “Good Guys” putting up crooked numbers on the board.

We see you in your neighborhoods, each one distinctive in identity and eager to share their stories with those who explore them. Local is not just the city to you, it’s your city block.

We see you on the Lakefront, taking in a skyline like no other.

We see you at the Madhouse on Madison. At street festivals. At concerts.

We see you, Chicago, because we ARE you. 

Since 2013, Relish Brand has been the visual soundtrack to Chicago. Vibrant colors, mashed-up themes and distinctive looks have been our hallmarks as the most proper homage we know to the people of this city – fiercely proud, fun-loving, and friendly as fuck.

Our garments are about you and us, putting our best foot forward repping a city as diverse as the day is long in summertime. Each piece tells a unique story, but it is one you knowingly share with friends and loved ones.

Like the neon-green relish that completes a Chicago style hot dog, Relish Brand is the fashion that complements the attitude of this city. We invite you to find your story in our fashion, and share it with the world.